Peter Singer on The Colbert Report

There’s few people I know of that more support beliefs that are completely despicable to me than Peter Singer.  He calls those who recognize that humans are a unique species with unique responsibilities “specist” (as in racist but different).  He calls zoos, prisons (“we wouldn’t lock up a human being with out a trial”).  He is of course a vegitarian.

But I already knew all of this.  It was his hesitancy to deplore beastiality on the Colbert Report that caught me by surprise.  I mean I knew the guy was a sickeningly immoral person but to see him (and he looks like a slimeball too) hem and haw when asked about sex with animals before saying, “I think sex with humans is more enjoyable”… well… let’s just say my opinion of him didn’t improve.

Next time you hear Peter Singer on some bioethics committee, remember who the man is.

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