Further proof that the Catholic Church is growing

In an number of recent articles I’ve linked to on this blog, the claim of the Catholic Church shrinking and dying is frequently errantly reported.  I usually make sure to correct them on that, but just so there is no doubt, here is an article about the growth of Christianity and particularly of those Christian denominations that actually have stuck to their beliefs instead of bowing to modern crap-theology.

One particular note about the article is that I thought understated the growth of the Catholic Church was the use of percentages instead of raw numbers.  It’s not hard for a smaller denomination like the Mormons and Assembly of God churches to grow 15+% over a decade because of their size.  The 15% the Catholic Church grew in the same decade is a HUGE number.  In fact, that 9 million additional people is more people than the entire population of any organized denomination in the US besides the southern Baptists, including the Mormons.  Said another way, if for some miraculous reason the Catholic Church was able to convince the Episcopalians, the Assembly of God, the Presbyterians AND the Pentacostals to join the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church still would not have grown as much as it did in the last decade.

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