List of Cal Bears taken in draft

Here’s the final list:

  • Marshawn Lynch: 1st round, 12th pick to the Buffalo Bills
  • Brandon Mebane: 3rd round, 22nd pick (85 overall) to Seatle Seahawks
  • Daymeion Hughes: 3rd round, 32nd pick (95) to Indianapolis Colts
  • Desmond Bishop: 6th Round, 18th pick (192) to Green Bay Packers

Overall, I’m glad for those players because they all ended up on teams with either a tradition of winning or currently very strong.  In the end I thin the Bills and the Colts will be most happy with their picks long term, with perhaps the Packers getting the best deal of the bunch but it’s hard to say.

Neither Tim Mixon nor Mickey Pimentel were selected, which makes sense overall.  I’ve always thought Mixon was great, but I think college may be the top of the ladder for a guy of his size.  While he was a great shutdown corner against average WRs, he had a tendency to get burned against speedy recievers.  That was partially a speed issue and partially symtomatic of how he played, very agressively.

Finally, I think the numbers show just how good of a coaching staff is in Berkeley.  As I was scanning the list, I saw 3 instances of some college named “Stanford”, two in the 3rd round.  Obviously 3 guys don’t make a team, but nevertheless it is a sign that there is talent on that team.  Obviously the big schools out there like USC had far more than 4 players picked.  In other words, Cal is still ramping up on getting elite talent and to be in the position it is now, where two out of the last 3 years it has given the concensus best college football team of the decade a run for their money for the Pac-10 crown, is a sign of just how well coached Cal is.

One Response to “List of Cal Bears taken in draft”

  1. Seth Says:

    Tim Mixon was picked up by some team I believe after the draft. I also think one other guy got picked up who wasn’t drafted, but it wasn’t Pimental…