No Gameday!?!

Well, I was always a little unsure about the whole ESPN Gameday crew coming to Berkeley based on the scout article considering their was no announcement from either ESPN or the University.  It turns out that I was right to be a little skeptical.  According to the new Cal Sports lead for the Contra Costa Times Johnathan Okanes, the Gameday deal is still in the works and could still fall through.

So, while there is still reason to be optimistic, the reality is that this is not a done deal and we shouldn’t bust out the champagne quite yet.  On the upside, it also means that the decision on a location for a Gameday visit is also yet to be made.  So if you have any suggestions, an e-mail to Sandy Barbour might result in a better location choice.

Finally, it’s interesting that Mr. Okanes thinks that a Gameday visit for the Cal vs. USC game is also a strong possibility, seemingly even if Gameday comes for the Tennessee game.  While I think a Gameday visit for the USC game is a real possibility, it’s only a possibility as an alternative to the Tennessee game.  I’ll bet my season tickets that Gameday isn’t coming to Berkeley twice in one season.

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