Comments enabled

I’ve been blogging away wondering why nobody has been commenting because when I look at the page, it allows for comments. But I’m always logged in as an administrator. Fat, Dumb and Happy, that was me.

Until today.

Today I clicked through to someone who linked to the blog and he indicated he couldn’t comment. I realized my wordpress settings only allowed commenting from people who had accounts and there’s no way for people to setup an account for themselves (nor do I want that). Long story short (too late!) I’ve re-enabled anonymous commenting.

One request: please keep any comments respectful. Disagreement is allowed as is strong arguments, but there’s no need for name calling or ad hominem attacks. Unacceptably vulgar or rude comments will either be edited or deleted if there’s not a single savable sentence. If you’re respectful, I promise to respond in kind.

One Response to “Comments enabled”

  1. Bozo the clown Says:

    Test. This is a test of the AWFTWTAU comment system.