A good article about aborting handicapped babies

About a year ago I realized that probably the best avenue to win over the public regarding abortion was the number of “disability abortions”. The reality is that the vast majority of all abortions are done for one of two reasons (in order of volume):

1. Post conception birth control (said more politically correctly: ending an “unwanted pregnancy”)
2. Ending pregnancies of disabled children

Sadly, the task of convincing American’s of the evils of #1 has proven a difficult task mostly, in my opinion, because of the explicit acceptance of contraception breeds (excuse the pun) implicit acceptance of post conception contraception. In contrast, because of Hitler, eugenics are roundly condemned by Americans.

Thankfully, Americans are very simpathetic to the rights of disabled people and as such realize the evils of eugenics. As such I believe we can convince Americans that a ban on abortion for fetuses that have a disability is a very important ban to have. When they realize the extent both in numbers and in percentages of babies with disabilities that are aborted solely because their life will be “less meaningful” than most children, they’re see an evil that needs to be prevented. The best example to point to is Down Syndrome because people with Down Syndrome live long, happy lives (unlike some disabilities that can be painful and cut life short). There is no reason to abort a Down Syndrome baby other than eugenic reasons.

In this vein, this article is a very important one to pass along to your friends.

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