Pac-10 picks

OK sports fans, it’s that time of the week again. Time for the Pac-10 predictions:

WaZoo 24, USC49: The biggest question of this game is how fast are USC’s corners. If they can consistently keep up with WaZoo’s wide recievers, then I’ve given WaZoo too much credit on their score. Otherwise, USC runs over this weak defense.

Arizona 17, OSU 28: This game would be closer if Arizona actually knew that they had to field an offense. OSU has been pretty consistent on the offensive side of the board scoring between 23 and 28 points in 4 of their last 5 games (the other game being 44 points against WaZoo). Arizona hasn’t scored more than 24 except for the 2nd game of the season… against northern Arizona. Expect this one to go the way of the Beavers (OSU) especially at home.

Washington 23, ASU 38: ASU was shocked by Stanford last week. I expect them to rebound this week and lay the wood to a weak Washington team, particularly at home.

UCLA 38, Stanford 28: Stanford is riding high from their win over ASU last week. Their high will turn into a hangover this week. Stnaford has only put up the kind of numbers they did last week once before, otherwise failing to put more than 24 on the board. UCLA has only scored less than 40 once, during their hangover game against Washington. Although I expect the tougher than expected Stanford defense to make this game respectible, the reality is that UCLA has too much offensive fire power to lose to a team that won’t be able to put up 30 against any team with a reasonable defense.

Both Cal and Oregon have bye’s this week and are preparing to play each other in two weeks in a game that is turning out to be a very important game for both.

Of note this week is that the 3 0-4 teams in Pac-10 play all will STILL be looking for their first victory of the season after this weekend according to my predictions. Sucks to be them! Outside of WaZoo vs. ASU in two weeks, I don’t see any games that WaZoo, Washington or Arizona are likely to win in the next couple weeks, in fact for the rest of the season when not playing each other (with the possible exception of Arizona over ASU in 4 weeks). In fact, since WaZoo’s bye is against Arizona, there is a real chance that we’ll have two 0-8 teams in the Pac-10 this year with Washington being 2-6 only because they beat both of the 0-8 teams. Or the other scenario, which is nearly as ugly, is two 1-7 teams and one 0-8 team. Ouch again!

Tune in on Monday for updated metrics.

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