Updated metrics for Pac-10 games

Well, overall it was a good weekend for this prognosticator. 3-1 with mostly accurate scores. The one surprise was Arizona, who with their new QB seem to be getting more points than in the past. Otherwise, I called everything right minus the UCLA vs. Stanford game being FAR tighter than expected. I think UCLA waits until the absolute last minute to show up, just for style points.

So here are the updated metrics:
Winning percentage: 73.0% (Up from 72.7 last week)
MVD: 14.5 (down (which is good) from 14.8 with additions of 13, 9, 7, 17)
TPD: 15.6 (down (which is good) from 16.7 with additions of 11, 3, 9, 5)

So tune in late this week for predictions for this weeks games:
-Cal at Oregon
-Stanford at USC
-ASU at WaZoo
-UCLA at Arizona
-OSU at Washington

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