Go Bears!

OK, it’s starting to be college football time again, so this blog is going to mix-it-up a little bit and add some secular discussion to the mix. Some starting thoughts:

1. This is straight from an analysis of UCLA this year: “Defensively, the Bruins could not stop anybody on the ground last year, giving up 210 yards per game. With five of the front seven back, this number should go down dramatically.” Or to paraphrase: Last year these guys stunk but with the same guys on the team this year they should be much better. Only in college football can you get away with that kind of analysis.

2. Stanford can only go up… or stay right where they are. They’re picked last in the Pac-10 by just about everyone and were one of only two Pac-10 teams not to get ESPN poll votes. And that’s even with the new highly touted coach they took from Pittsburg (for us Californian’s that’s a team in the Big East conference, not a mislocation of De La Salle High School in Concord (although as my brother said, we’d all probably have more respect for the De La Salle guy)).

3. We’ve got GREAT seats for the Cal Bears game this year. Middle height? check: rows 44 and 45. Seats close to the exit: check: 38 is the exit row. Isle seats? check: seats 1-3 and 1-2 in those rows respectively. Two rows instead of one long row so that we’re all closer together, have more leg room through cooperation and my boys can kick they’re legs all they want without dirty looks from the grump in front of me (unless you want to call my brother a grump): check. 50 yard line… er… yeah… that’s where section DD is.

4. My brother still owes me $220 for his ticket (look who’s the grump now)!

5. And most importantly, it looks like it is going to be a good year in Berkeley! People are already touting the Cal vs. USC game as the Pac-10 game of the year with $10 general adminision tickets going for $70 a piece on E-Bay and reserved tickets going for $100-$300.

3 Responses to “Go Bears!”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    hmmm, I could sell my USC ticket on ebay for 300 bucks? Sweet! I could totally not go to that game, pay you back, and still have 80 bucks to spare! LOL Or I could not pay you back and have 300 bucks! Man that’s almost enough to pay for the new elboxo 360!

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Or, since it is I who have the ticket, I could sell it for $300, charge you $220 minus the face value of the ticket (since that’s how they arrive at $220) for the rest of the tickets and get a total of $385.

    Thanks for the idea bro!

  3. Ken's Brother Says:

    7. Joseph Ayoob’s last name spelled backwards is BooYA! That’s a sign for success if I’ve ever seen one