Breaking Bears news

According to Matt Hayes of the Sporting News, Mr. Booya (Joe Ayoob) has lost his starting job to Nate Longshore. Ayoob is the highly touted JC transfer from SF City College. Longshore is the redshirt freshman. It seems (according to this reporter) that Tedford liked Longshore all along but was worried about his lack of mobility in the pocket. Longshore worked tirelessly in the offseason to improve in this regard and has improved to the degree to get the starting nod from Tedford.

Very interesting… if it is true.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Catholic programming.

3 Responses to “Breaking Bears news”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    Not Mr. Booya! He was our sure fire ticket to be on *every* Sports Center update!

  2. kencraw Says:

    Well, it may not be true. The Chronicle had an article Saturday that suggested the Tedford would decide today and that he was leaning Nate Longshore’s way.

    It also seems that Tedford is going to have both of them play in the Sac State game and that a REAL decision would be made after the game, so I’m not sure what this preliminary decision would mean.

  3. Ken's Brother Says:

    Well, maybe the decision is to who will start the Sac State game?
    Booya! it’s got to be him, I bet you Gregory can say that now.
    Maybe Andrew too, he’s really smart!