Arch-diocese of San Francisco “washes it’s hands” of moral responsibility

After the big showdown in Boston over Catholic Charities and gay adoption, the SF arch-diocese has decided to pre-emptively address the problem before the pressure grew to unsustainable levels.  However their solution is completely unacceptable.  As much as the article tries to put the solution in a good light, it’s nothing more than the arch-diocese “washing their hands” of their moral responsibility.  Let me give you some other “headlines” that illustrate the point:

  • “Catholic Church sends pedophile priests to be public school teachers”
  • “Catholic Church sells obstetric portion of hospital to Planned Parenthood”
  • “Vatican to make nuclear bombs to sell to other countries”
  • “Catholic Church sentences John Kerry to death, will have Texas do the execution”

If that wasn’t bad enough, not only are they “washing their hands” they’re doing so to an organization that is in business SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of helping with gay adoptions.  Just go look at their website.

To me that’s a case not only of “washing their hands” of the matter but also pro-actively subverting the Church.

May God have mercy on us all.

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