Sign the petition

For those in the know, the UC Berkeley stadium plans continue to be under attack from now FOUR groups.

  1. City of Berkeley (traffic and safety concerns, supposedly)
  2. Student environmental group (destruction of trees planted when first stadium was build)
  3. Tree squatters (similar to #2)
  4. Tightwad hill (claim new stadium plans will block their view of field)

I was against a petition a couple months ago but now that the opposition to the Performance Center has solidified and is clearly in it for the long haul, it is time that us average joes make our voices heard.

Don’t let the wack-jobs win this one.

Sign the petition.

One Response to “Sign the petition”

  1. Jack Weissenhunt Says:

    While the extremely wealthy land owners of Strawberry Canyon dine on fine Caviar and Champagne, the athletes of UC Berkeley await their eventual gruesome death.

    Note by blog admin: Sorry Jack, that comment was just too over the top for me to allow it to be posted on my blog.  This is just football.  It’s not about the overthrow of an oppressive goverment for human violations.