Ranking injustices

While I frequently find rankings that I think are a bit off, most of the time most rankings are accurate enough to be in the “marginally debatable” category.  However, every once and a great while I find a ranking that is just unacceptably bad and needs to be brought to light.

The ranking to draw my ire this time is the Sagarin computer ranking.  It’s not Cal’s ranking that bothers me, on the contrary, the #12 w/o margin of victory and #6 with for #8 overall is quite generous in my opinion.  No, it’s the other end of the Pac-10, Stanford:

How in God’s name can they be ranked 104th in the country!?!  It’s even worse for the ranking w/o margin of victory (81st).

This is a team that is ranked six spots above 11-1 (yes, 11 wins) San Diego University, the very school that Stanford’s new head coach was hired from.  Said another way, even the guys at Stanford think San Diego is a better team!?!

OK, that’s enough of kicking a team while it’s down…

(As a short but interesting aside, Sagarin ranks Stanford as having the most difficult  schedule in the country.)

2 Responses to “Ranking injustices”

  1. Seth Says:

    Wow, wait a minute dude. How can they be ranked 4 spots ahead of San Diego University? San Diego University is not one of the 119 D-1 colleges. It is a D-3 non scholarship school. So Stanfurd is still much better than them even on their best 11-1 day… Sad but true…

  2. Seth Says:

    Hmm, I just looked at the rankings and I guess sagarin throws some D-2 and D-3 schools in there. Still San Diego U is a far cry from even Stanford. They were good yes, at 11-1, but take a look at their shedulle. They play places we have never even heard of…