Pac 10 picks

So a friend of mine at work and I have been making picks for the Pac-10 games of the week for the last couple weeks. I figured I’d start making those picks more public so that Brian can pick on me and then be humiliated later.

Here we go:

USC 49, ASU 20: ASU is one of those teams that can light it up when it doesn’t matter but never seems to have the defense to win when it matters. The LSU game a couple weeks ago is a perfect example. Everyone remembers last year how they choked (and I mean CHOKED) against both Cal and USC. Expect the same this year against USC.

WSU 20, OSU 28: This is the game I’m least sure about. WSU, from now on referred to as WaZoo, has killed all of their opponents to date but when the strongest team on the list is Idaho, what does that tell us. They’re even more untested than Cal. OSU on the other hand has been beat around by a couple of good teams and pulled out a tough win against a under-rated Boise State. My gut says the battle tested team wins this one, especially at home.

Oregon 49, Stanford 17: This is probably the easiest game to pick if it weren’t for both the “redemption” factor and the crushing defeat factor. I’m not even talking about Stanford. Oregon doesn’t do well after a crushing defeat but somehow I think the UC Davis wannabees… er Stanford can have any motivation they want and still lose this game.

Arizona 13, Cal 38: This is Cal’s warm up game of the season. Yeah we’ve played powder-puff teams for 4 weeks but they week we only have to play a gravel-puff team. Cal may be a little slow out of the gate on this one, but runs (literally) away with it in the end.

Washington 13, UCLA 24: I so desperately want to call the upset here. UCLA’s ranking is all predicated on their big upset of Oklahoma but THAT’s all predicated on Oklahoma actually being an upset. People seem to forget that the only reason Oklahoma was ranked was because of pre-season hype. They’ve done literally NOTHING this season to justify any ranking. Washington on the other hand, looked fairly strong last week against Notre Dame. So this feels like an upset in the making. But, seeing as how Washington got spanked by Cal, my gut tells me Notre Dame is overrated and the game is at the Rose Bowl, I don’t see this being the week it’ll actually happen.

OK, I’m 12-2 to date (4-0 last week and 8-2 the week before (stupid Stanford and Oklahoma…))

2 Responses to “Pac 10 picks”

  1. Kenny Says:

    You’re forgiven, who would have known that Stanford would have lost to a DII team transitioning to DI-AA?

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Thanks Kenny. It was an easy one to forgive myself for as I couldn’t stop from laughing/smiling. I’ve been trying to find any Stanford fan I can to taunt them. Sadly, they’ve all seeped back into the woodwork. Either that or they are extinct.

    On the plus side, I feel pretty good with my predictions for this week. Outside of the ASU playing stronger against USC than I expected (although I did call that the defense couldn’t get the job done and giving up 35 points in the 2nd half isn’t exactly getting the job done), I called them all about right, even the potential (but not actual) upset of UCLA by Washington.