10 reasons why Sarah should come to the Cal vs. WSU game

1. You’ll get to see your boyfriend, Brian, in his “native” environment.
2. You’ll get a personal two-instructor course in the intricacies of college football.
3. You’ll get to meet a couple of Ken’s friends, one unmarried (er… wait, Brian… er… nevermind that unmarried part).
4. You’ll see a great marching band.
5. You’ll see why going to a football game can be REALLY exciting.
6. You’ll see all the “ceremony”/activities that go along with college football.
7. You might start to like the taste of hotdogs.
8. In a worst case scenario, you’ll get to witness “Crawford Cal-loss syndrome” (and what psychology student wouldn’t appreciate what a great opportunity that is?).
9. In such an event, Brian and I won’t have much to throw unlike TV games.
10. We’ve got an extra ticket.

Whadya say?

3 Responses to “10 reasons why Sarah should come to the Cal vs. WSU game”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Ken- I was so excited to see my name in the title of your post. In fact, I was so excited that you comprised a list directed entirely towards me! (Ah-attention!) I cannot possibly say no to such a lucrative offer, but I will respond to each comment, as I recall that you thoroughly enjoy lists.

    1. I am a little weary seeing Brian around all that testosterone, but if you give it as a reason, then I guess it could be interesting.

    2. This is a very good reason, as I have been watching some of the games on TV and have no idea what is going on.

    3. I’m always interested in meeting a single Catholic man in case the Bears lose and Brian’s head actually explodes.

    4. As long as theirs no cheerleaders in bathing suits, I’m all for it.

    5. This reason is very alluring- and quite mysterious.

    6. See response to reason # 4

    7. You clearly have no been courted by Brian- almost all of our first dates involved hamburgers and hot-dogs.

    8. I must admit that I am a little nervous about this one- especially without Wendy and some cute babies there to protect me. But yes, it’s a possible research topic for sure.

    9. Ah- some reassurance to reason #8- I’m sure Brian told you that he threw a bar stool and I ran for cover. Thank goodness we sit on wooden benches.

    10. What a nice, practical reason to round out the list.

    I can’t wait! See you Saturday!

  2. Ken Crawford Says:

    Don’t worry about the cheerleaders. Cal doesn’t do the sideline prostitute thing.

    Brian said you don’t really like hotdogs…

    Oh, and I never said my friend was Catholic. He’ quite the athiest, actually.

    Finally, make sure you read the public service announcement down the list. You’ll see that “Crawford Cal-loss syndrome” is not as harmful as one might think, particularly if you know how to handle it.

    Glad you’re coming, see you Saturday!

  3. Ken's Brother Says:

    I do believe that I said I wasn’t sure if she liked Hot Dogs. I mean sure on the first couple of dates I’ve took Sarah on there were more than ample opportunities to eat hot dogs (I count at least 5), but at the last couple of A’s games I took her to not once did she choose to have a hot dog.