Indian gambling shows its true colors

I’ve said for a LONG time that allowing indian gambling was a bad thing for California. More importantly I’ve said for the same period of time that indian gambling has nothing to do with “Native American Self Reliance” and everything to do with greed and a desired monopoly on gambling.

Well, it’s becoming more and more clear how right I am/was. Case in point, measure G on the ballot in Yuba county (that’s north of Sacramento for those not familiar with the intricacies of California geography). Measure G would give public support for a indian casino in the county at a defined location off of highway 65. Guess who the major financial supporter of the ‘No on G’ campaign is? If you guessed the indian casino about 30 miles down highway 65 in the Sacramento area called Thunder Valley, you’d be right!

See it’s not about “self reliance for all native americans”. If it was, the Thunder Valley folks would be happy to see another casino join in the mix so that they too could be “self reliant”. No, it’s about greed and the Thunder Valley folks, now that they’ve got their cash cow rolling, are willing to protect in whatever way necessary their cash cow.

See this article for the needed references.

3 Responses to “Indian gambling shows its true colors”

  1. Ken's Brother Says:

    comeon Ken, it’s still about self reliance! (not that I’m in favor of Indian gaming either) It’s about self reliance of the Thunder Valley People. They know if the other tribe gets a casino closer to Sacramento, they’ll lose money and then subsequently loose their casino, then they’ll open up another casino even closer to Sacramento, then the other tribe will open up a 16 lane super highway with no stops between Sacramento and their casino and they’ll have to destroy some little nobody town between Sac and their casino to do it… see Ken, it’s really about self reliance of *their* tribe. No one else’s… theirs.

  2. Cameron Says:

    If you look at CA From 460 posted on the Yuba County government site ( you will see that Thunder Valley IS supporting the new casino and made a contribution in favor of Measure G — $60,000 — on October 6th.

    Either way I’m not in favor of it. The land is not Indian Reservation land. I fully support the tribes being able to do what they want on their own land but to build a casino on the land that was supposed to be for the NASCAR race track is just the developer looking for a new way to make money. I voted in favor of the race track by the way and would still like to see it built.

    If it were tribal land I would feel differently about it, but it is not. It sets a bad precedence to allow the tribes to buy land and call it a reservation to get around California laws. What’s next brothels and drugs?

  3. Cameron Says:

    Please retract the first paragraph of my statement. I was looking at the Campagn statement for those Against Measure G.
    They contributed $60,000 against the measure.